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Tuition and Fees

Current students may view account detail and balance on their MyOHIO Student Center.


Students enrolled in undergraduate associate's, and bachelor's programs, certificates, or endorsements


Students enrolled in master's or doctoral programs, certificates, or endorsements


What is The OHIO Guarantee?

The OHIO Guarantee is a cohort based, level-rate tuition, housing and dining model that assures students and their families a set of comprehensive rates for the pursuit of an undergraduate degree at Ohio University. All students enrolling since 2015, regardless of campus, are part of The OHIO Guarantee at Ohio University. Starting in fall 2018, The OHIO Guarantee includes rates for OHIO's regional campuses.


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The Ohio University Board of Trustees set tuition and fees each spring for the upcoming academic year. Tuition and fee assessment is dependent upon the following factors:

  • Student level (undergraduate, graduate, medical)
  • Tuition fee structure (e.g. OHIO Guarantee cohort, graduate program, etc.)
  • Campus of class(es)
  • Course load (number of credit hours of enrollment)
  • Ohio residency

Some classes will have course or class-specific fees, program fees, and/or digital course materials in addition to tuition.  Course Offerings will list these additional fees where applicable.

Ohio University reserves the right to make, without prior notice, any fee adjustments that may become necessary.